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The first impression is sometimes enough for customers to purchase your product. We believe that high-quality products deserve high-quality packaging, which is why we offer complex dosing and packaging solutions. Regardless of your business area, our 20 years of experience lets us propose, assemble and deliver a line to you that will make your product packaging and shipment process fully automatic.

Appec Group, a.s. has been specializing in producing packaging technologies for twenty years. Our portfolio includes original packaging machines, dosers, detectors and many other products. Thanks to many years of experience, we can prepare a variety of atypical solutions. We deliver packaging machines in many different sizes and capacities, from universal and simple machines to high-performance, continuous packaging machines. Our technologies can be used not only in the food industry, but also the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Machines and servicing at a single location

Creating user friendly machines is our goal when we design a machine and all its services. We want our customers to see us as a long-term partner, a partner they can depend on. Our work does not end when we deliver your machines or line. In addition to our machine warranty, we offer warranty and post-warranty services that guarantee a technician within 24 hours to ensure your operation never has to be suspended for long periods. Software errors can often be corrected remotely thanks to remote access. You can order spare parts, services and repairs via our special phone line.

Maximum efficiency, minimum cost

Appec Group, a.s. strives to produce high quality products, ensuring that we meet our customer’s needs so they are happy to return to us. When we design our packaging machines, we focus on performance, reliability, speed and user friendliness, and together with comprehensive services, satisfy even the most demanding customer. Atypical orders are no problem for us either. We see them as challenges and have extensive experience in their design. Our experts give you exactly what you need at a single location and without any unnecessary additional expenses.

Your Appec Astro team

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